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Caring for your children
and your family

Caring for your family

Bondi Beach Cottage strives to facilitate your children’s learning through creative, self-directed play, fun, and a respectful, developmental-focused, safe environment.
We prioritise creating close, trusting and supportive relationships with children, families, and the community. Our educators are the lifeblood of Bondi Beach Cottage and are passionate about fostering the growth and learning of the children attending our centre.



At Bondi Beach Cottage, ensuring each child receives individualised care and attention is a key part of our day. Our low ratio of 4 children to 1 educator enables the educators to spend quality time understanding your child’s interests and behaviours.

We offer:

  • Flexible half or full days
  • A small centre (20 places)
  • Professional, highly trained educators who all hold a minimum Certificate 3 in Childcare
  • A breastfeeding friendly environment

42 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi

6 weeks to 5 years

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
We are closed for all public holidays and over the Christmas and New Year period.

Approved places

Childcare subsidy available

Half day morning (4 hours, 8.30am-12.30pm): $89
Half day afternoon (5 hours, 12.30pm-5.30pm) $98
Full day: $145
Concession rates are available if you are a Centrelink Health Care Card holder.

Assessment and Rating
Meeting (Assessed September 2023)


What is Occasional Childcare?

Bondi Beach Cottage is registered as an Occasional Childcare Centre, offering both permanent and casual positions.
Children who are enrolled on a casual basis don’t need to be enrolled for particular days. Occasional care can be used on a flexible basis, on different days and for different sessions (full day, morning or afternoon) each week.

Casual positions for families:
As a casual attendee at the Cottage, you will be required to enrol and submit booking requests for each day you would like your child to attend. Cancellations may be made 48 hours in advance, free of charge.

Permanent positions for families:
As a permanent attendee at the Cottage, your child will have set days each week that will always be allocated to you. If your child is sick or away, fees will still apply. Two weeks’ notice is required to cancel your permanent place.

To support our mission, several places are maintained as occasional; this offers parents the flexibility of booking care on a casual basis.

Women accessing our counselling service are also offered a free half day spot.

Please be aware you must supply everything your child would need in a day (for example, food, nappies, clothing, comforters, etc). For more details, please download our family handbook.

Enrolments and waitlists

To enrol at Bondi Beach Cottage, please contact our welcoming team via email or phone. Please be aware that as the centre only has 20 children each day, there is generally a waitlist for enrolments.

To join the waitlist please email us at childcare@bondibeachcottage.org.au with:

  • Your name
  • Your child’s full name
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Best contact number
  • Preferred days and number of days
  • Preferred start date

We will then confirm your addition to the waitlist via email.

Bondi Beach Cottage’s learning philosophy

At Bondi Beach Cottage, each child is provided with activities adapted to their age to broaden their horizons, develop their curiosity, and help them along the path to who they will become.

We provide a rich and diverse educational experience for children, reflective of their development and interests.

We focus on building strong relationships with our families and children, and we value the important part they play in our community.


At Bondi Beach Cottage, we recognise children as active agents of their learning who build knowledge within social contexts. Our centre provides a safe and warm environment and a wide range of play based activities, usually through hands on experiences with open ended material. Through this practical approach, children can construct new meaning with the assistance of our beautiful early childhood educators who scaffold children’s skills across integrated emotional, social, physical, and cognitive areas.

Our program encompasses more than planned experiences; as an occasional early childhood service we cater for children of diverse ages, needs, interests, strengths, cultural backgrounds, and language. Given this, we draw on a flexible curriculum designed with children that evolves over time according to children’s developmental and learning needs.

Extra activities

The Ready Steady Go program to assist children in developing important physical skills, to foster friendships and to love exercise. Children will learn different sports which helps to develop a broad range of skills, builds a platform of sporting knowledge and the variety ensures continued interest in the program. Ready Steady Go program incorporates basic counting and colour concepts, encourages teamwork and sportsmanship, builds social skills and develops listening skills and concentration.

Happy Feet Fitness entertains, inspires, and encourages children to learn, laugh and grow in confidence through themed musical adventure classes. The program is based on the fun of movement and dance, the creativity of music and the joy of active play. Each week we have a new and exciting interactive themed adventure designed to encourage participation, expression and social interaction. Held fortnightly on Wednesday’s
We alternate the programs every week. The Ready Steady Go program is held fortnightly on Tuesday and Happy Feet is held every other week on Wednesday.


We provide an inclusive environment that recognises the diverse ages, interests, preferences, abilities and learning styles of all children. We work closely with the Inclusion Agency to support children with additional needs, so all children have genuine opportunities to access, participate and achieve positive learning outcomes.

Through the inclusion support program, we help families to have access to speech therapy, physiotherapy, or specialist equipment.


Our centre includes both indoor and outdoor areas with spaces that facilitate curiosity, movement, and play. Bondi Beach Cottage parents describe our centre as a homely, welcoming and supportive environment for not only their children, but their entire family.

Meet our team

Our team specialises in Occasional Childcare Services. We’re here for you.

  • Andrea

    Centre Coordinator & Nominated Supervisor

    Diploma in Early Childhood Education

    Throughout my work, I aim to support children, families, and educators in achieving their goals, while providing a loving, caring, safe, and secure environment that is welcoming, warm, and inclusive of all cultures, abilities, and family situations.

    I’ve been working at Bondi Beach Cottage for 4 years. It is rewarding to work here because we share the same interests, goals, values, and beliefs regarding teaching and caring for children and families.

    Spending time with my family and friends, cycling, hiking, and traveling are some of my favorited things to do.

  • Early Childhood Teacher / Assistant Coordinator

    Currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education

    I truly believe that a sense of belonging is crucial for each child’s development, healthy growth, and who they will become. Therefore, my aims are to build trustworthy relationships with the children, provide a safe environment, and support and understand their emotions. This will lead children to develop self-confidence, a strong sense of security and well-being, as it will enhance their learning capacity. I love spending time with friends, travelling, volleyball, trekking and sweets.

  • Room Leader

    Diploma in Early Childhood Education

    I believe that each child is unique and as an educator, I value and develop each child’s strengths, interests, and skills. It is our role to support, guide and encourage children, their families and the community in the journey that is early childhood education. I love to spend my spare time with my kids and exercising through swimming, tennis, cycling and badminton. I also love reading and watching movies.

  • Carolina


    Certificate III in Early Childhood Education

    I’ve worked at BBC for 18 years. I’m extremely dedicated to caring for our little ones while providing a fun and safe environment. It’s a wonder to see how their personalities develop day by day, one by one in different directions, knowing that I’m a part of their development. I like to ensure our cottage is spotless every morning. In my spare time, I enjoy the company of my family, especially my 2 little grandsons. I also like to go to the movies, attend literature talks, author presentations and fine dining. I also meditate and love snorkelling in the tropical reef of Southern Philippines island and the Algave-Portugal.

  • Katrina

    Educational Leader

    Diploma in Early Childhood Education

    It was my childhood dream to become an educator. As I go on with my life, I have been learning that being an educator is a rewarding profession beyond the title and benefits it could give you, especially when you can see the children learning new things, having fun and building a good relationship with everyone. Back in my home country, I studies a Bachelors in Secondary Education to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher and I would choose to become one all over again.

  • Silvia


    Currently studying a Diploma in Early Childhood Education

    The children are the reflex of our teaching and the experiences we provide to them. Through play they learn skills for life! It is an educator’s role to create an environment where the children can feel the sense of

    belonging, where they can display emotions, develop physical skills, feel confident. It’s also amazing how much the children learn from us, and we learn from them! I love going to the beach, meeting friends, coffee, chocolate, travelling and discovering new places!

  • Educator

    Currently studying a Diploma in Early Childhood Education

    I believe that children are our future. I want to inspire your children to follow their dreams and give them love and support. I hope to fill their days with laughter and memories. I’m happy to be a part of this team where everyone’s goal is to give the children a fun, loving and safe environment. I love travelling, cooking, bushwalking, and spending time with my friends.

Get in touch

Our team is always happy to provide information on our available places or answer any questions to help you decide if our centre is the right fit for your family.

8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday
42 Brighton Blvd, North Bondi NSW 2026

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